Personal Water Craft Lifts

  • Fixed PWC / Swivel

    Unlike our competitors who generally use 8' to 10' tracks, we start at 20' to 25'. Why you may ask. The late model skis are so heavy these lifts pull over piers and bulkheads. The longer tracks we use act as a splint for the piling assuring the lift will stay plumb for yers to come. The "Sea Drive" system will give maintenance free operation and speed. Aluminum urethane hull supports and catwalks for any configuration you prefer. Also, if you have kids / friends that will be using the lift a remore control with auto stops are available. This is THE FINEST lift of this type on the market.

    We offer a flat plate or "Sea Drive" versions of lifts, which both come with aluminum grooved cable winders. For rough water installations "cable keepers" are available.

  • Floating Lifts & Piers For PWC

    We offer three lines of floating piers to meet our customers various boating needs. We can make recommendations for residential or commerical dock settings. Give us a call to discuss your dock. All quotes are free.

    Wave Armour - Foamed filled which makes it durable. Full rollers makes it easy to launch and retrieve. good looks, good quality and many accessories available. The 6' Deluxe unit will support up to 2,500 pounds.

    Versa Dock - Mid-priced unit is good for smaller skis and we love the kayak setup.

    Jet Dock - Though this line is expensive it has a strong warranty and is the ONLY choice for rough water installations.

    We drive steel pipes into the ground and cover with PVC and mount firmly to pilings/bulkheads, etc. We may not be cheap but this is the most important part of the installation. IMPORTANT! The units are only as good as the Tide Manager set up. This keeps the units stable and allows the float to go up and down with the tides.

  • Swivel Jet Ski Lifts

    For all swivel lifts for jet skis we install the Hi-Tide "Spinner" boat lift for jet skis and small boats up to 1,500 lbs. This lift travels at a speed of 108" per minute. Setting it apart from the rest.