Personal Water Craft Lifts

  • Fixed PWC / Swivel

    Unlike our competitors who generally use 8' to 10' tracks, we start at 20' to 25'. Why you may ask. The late model skis are so heavy these lifts pull over piers and bulkheads. The longer tracks we use act as a splint for the piling assuring the lift will stay plumb for yers to come. The "Sea Drive" system will give maintenance free operation and speed. Aluminum urethane hull supports and catwalks for any configuration you prefer. Also, if you have kids / friends that will be using the lift a remore control with auto stops are available. This is THE FINEST lift of this type on the market.

    We offer a flat plate or "Sea Drive" versions of lifts, which both come with aluminum grooved cable winders. For rough water installations "cable keepers" are available.

  • Swivel Jet Ski Lifts

    Golden Swivel Lift which are built from 6061-T6 marine grade aluminum with stainless steel cables and hardware. This lift travels at a speed of 108" per minute. Setting it apart from the rest. For small boats up to For small boats up to 1,500 lbs the Golden Lift will swivel 180 degrees and has a track to strengthen the installation and keep a low profile look. This is a heavy duty lift! The Golden "Sea Drive" is available as well. Remotes, cable keepers and aluminum hull supports available.